is in a hurry shows that the thing he wants is too good for him.

Which may have been the key to Lord Chesterfield’s game but even according to him

wit is so shining a quality that everybody admires it; most people aim at it, all people fear it, and few love it unless in themselves.

Duh. In our game we wear our ideas like pocket watches meaning we keep ‘em hidden until somebody asks the time.

Just sayin’, I doubt Chesterfield ever dodged into a hen house prayin’ for the footfalls to disappear around the bend so he could scurry on off.

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Summer by the Well

harmony-1229893_640You gotta stop trying to reinvent the wheel

He obviously thought the comment had something to do with why I was in so much trouble but it only got me thinking about the summer the wheels came off my chuck wagon.

It was the summer when Sue Ann finally let loose on the lady from the peanut shop and there was no catching hold of what came oozing out after. Sue Ann had come alone and brought us beautiful music while oiling her strong wooden bow by the edge of the woods. She was our mystic craftsman and us all thinking it was the advent of a nice new time and not scene one of a scary two-scene bit.

Turned out Sue Ann was never an artist but an archer and I screamed liar liar as we all froze when the music stopped and my heart sank down and down like a stone that’ll never hit bottom. Strangest part now is that even though Sue Ann never was playin’ any music I’ve been hungry ever since. Kerplunk.


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Stroll-by-Christopher-LeibigDesiderata says many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness and I hope that’s true

because this shithole lacks a certain placidity and as far as loud and aggressive persons they’re all over the place and avoiding them brings us back to the loneliness question

which apparently triggers the fear and that’s nothing but a dog chasin’ its tail.

Like this old guy who was crossing the street who was a scabby kind of old and I know that wasn’t his fault but he still grossed me out

and then the guy said hello and he seemed happy despite it all

and I nodded and let him pass on by but I couldn’t help thinking how much I’d like to make him eat dirt

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You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view,” Atticus said to Scout back in 1960. And this is exactly what I was thinking about when Smitty tossed another empty over his shoulder into the backseat like he had no idea he would have to clean that shit up later.

You know when your mother’s cousin’s husband cheats on her with a bunch of whores and that’s all anyone can whisper about at family dinners and you realize it’s pretty much a big deal? Smitty cracked another beer and I thought about how dumb it was that he liked to keep the windows rolled up ‘cause it meant he needed to smoke less.

“Nah,” I said, but he was onto something new already and he usually didn’t wait around for answers to questions like that…

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Poetic License…

penny-1193447_640She smiled and said Man, you walk heavy towards where I expect to dispense shiny new news.

Hard copper bits of news like jacketed bullets or pennies

Time may have a way of showing some of us what’s really important but that’s often stuff like the thirteen year old girl that was really a fat old cop who actually felt bad about the whole mess but not nearly enough

Sure, we got Donald Trump, The Clinton’s War on Women and the People versus OJ Simpson but they rarely show fat old cops or AA meetings only elegant tidbits of flare like silver bullets or medals

Do small things with great love – said Mother Teresa – and I guess that’s a good way to think because it applies to things that are really fuckin’ small like trying to figure out when you got hooked

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