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Almost Mortal: Countdown to Launch Sequence!

Almost-Mortal-by-Christopher-LeibigLess than sixty days from the release of Almost Mortal and now knee-deep in final edits from my publisher, Koehler Books.

Many thanks to authors, reviewers and others who have taken the time to read Almost Mortal and to share your thoughts. – Chris

“The verdict is in – Attorney Christopher Leibig offers a legal thriller for the ages. Realistic yet unpredictable, with a clever metaphysical twist, Almost Mortal is a thrilling roller coaster ride!” – Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of My Sister’s Grave

“A poised protagonist leads this serpentine but engaging legal tale.”Kirkus Reviews

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Poetic License…

penny-1193447_640She smiled and said Man, you walk heavy towards where I expect to dispense shiny new news.

Hard copper bits of news like jacketed bullets or pennies

Time may have a way of showing some of us what’s really important but that’s often stuff like the thirteen year old girl that was really a fat old cop who actually felt bad about the whole mess but not nearly enough

Sure, we got Donald Trump, The Clinton’s War on Women and the People versus OJ Simpson but they rarely show fat old cops or AA meetings only elegant tidbits of flare like silver bullets or medals

Do small things with great love – said Mother Teresa – and I guess that’s a good way to think because it applies to things that are really fuckin’ small like trying to figure out when you got hooked

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Words With Power

words-with-powerLast night I was at a dinner in Charlottesville, Virginia for the criminal law section of the bar association. These things are usually kind of fun. Drinks and dinner with random legal personages who often turn out to be pretty interesting.

Last night’s event was more interesting than usual. I was seated next to a woman who was a lawyer, a political consultant, and who also turned out to be an award-winning Charlottesville poet. A great conversation ensued and left eager to read her work the following morning.

So I did! And, reading some of her work online this morning got me thinking about writing. People like her, with actual, serious talent for word-wrangling, make small, daily things large and memorable. They make you remember to pay attention. Words have power, real power.

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Pleased to Meet You…

almostmortal-800As I prepare for the launch of Almost Mortal this May, life has been a flurry of interviews and reviews; speaking with publishers and printers and designers and videographers.

It’s an exciting time for any author and very enjoyable when we get to see some fruits of our labor, especially while we’re still anxiously awaiting the book’s release!

So here are a few early articles and interviews I’d like to share, and I’ll keep you posted on more as they become available, either here or on our Press page.

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Interview with Christopher Leibig, Author of Almost Mortal:

A fun Q&A with the folks at Small Friendly planet, where I answer questions about the book, the publishing process, and on being a defense attorney.

Almost Mortal Reviewed by Kirkus Reviews

Happy with the review from Kirkus, who sums up the review (link above) with this: “A poised protagonist leads this serpentine but engaging legal tale.”

Author Interview of Almost Mortal by Christopher Leibig

Fun interview here and a spoiler alert when asked about what readers can expect in the future: “Hopefully a sequel to Almost Mortal. Also have another novel, finished years ago, that I will try to launch if Almost Mortal does well…”

Almost Mortal Reviewed by Authors Reading

Kind words at this review that include: “Leibig has done a masterful job… you will sit down with Almost Mortal and not want to put it down. Leibig has a very nice and easy way with his writing that will keep you captivated.”

If you’re a recognized reviewer and would like to arrange for a digital ARC of Almost Mortal, please provide your info with your comment below or email to arrange a copy.

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